Life Magazine: August 13, 1971


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Here is Vol 71 #7 --- August 13, 1971, LIFE MAGAZINE; Cover -- The 'Woman Problem', Then and now - A new LIFE series; Contents: The Rarest Rock Show of All -- George Harrison and Ringo Starr meet Bob Dylan and the result is history. Some memories well invested, by Barry Farrell; Conjugal Visits for Convicts -- A California prison reform plan lets inmates out to see their families, photographed by Michael Rougier; Editorial -- Kicking the inflation habit; A Prickly Panacea Called Acupuncture -- An ancient Chinese medical treatment involves sticking needles in the patient. A visit to a friendly local sorcerer, by John Saar; Search for the Perfect Bumper -- Ordered by law to improve bumpers, Detroit car makers invent against a 1973 deadline; The 'Woman Problem' (Part 1 of a 3 Part Series) -- Ever since Eve, the fears and wishes of men have decided what the womans place should be, and kept her there. Where did it all go wrong? A provocative historical analysis by Richard Gilman; Roller Derby -- That gang war on wheels is back again with a roar and a crunch, photographed by John Olson; Parting Shots -- Sweet Melvin's very hot, very cool black movie ; Walt Kelly canines with a little extra bite ; A tide of death that pollution didn't cause; Departments: The Presidency -- Kindling the Spirit of '76, by Hugh Sidey; Gallery -- Cowboys, warlords and Indian maids, by John Dominis; Comment -- The stock market as a spectator sport, by Stanley H. Brown; Reviews; Guest Privilege -- How to live with both Peking and Taiwan, by A. Doak Barnett; Letters to the Editors; This magazine has full-paged advertisements for products including: Ford Pinto, Sealy Posturepedic, Kool, Volvo, Sports Illustrated, Mazda, Ethan Allen, Olympia Beer, Hot Pants, Alcoa, Fruit of the Loom, Virginia Slims, Chevy Vega, Marlboro; and many, many more ... along with tons of classic photos
'The 'Woman Problem' - Then and Now' on the cover
'The 'Woman Problem' - Then and Now' on the cover
In good, collectible condition