The Bourg


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The Bourg, pronounced burg for "town" or "ville", is published nine months a year. You can expect to find a full range of art, literature and articles from humanity's expansive emotional fabric. Using the classic serial, poetry and art, The Bourg offers you enrichment in a quick read, perfect for waiting, traveling and cherishing.

The Bourg is about community. It's a place where the creative heartbeat of your neighbors becomes accessible. It's a place to find comfortable similarities, stark differences and developing concepts. It is the town crier. It's a bullhorn. The Bourg is amplifying the voices of the members of the human community, because sharing ideas with each other is the beginning of innovation.

For more than fifty years, Jay Shop, Inc., has been dedicated to the professional development of men and women with various disabilities and challenges - the average Jane and John Doe with sharp, vibrant, and fiercely individual perspectives to contribute. The Bourg creates opportunities for individuals with disabilities to share their incredible, quality works with a wider, discerning audience.

Be delighted. Be inspired. Be entertained.